Philip (bluesmoon) wrote,

Disorganised opensource conference

I was supposed to speak at the One course source open source conference in San Diego this coming Wednesday and Thursday. My talk was scheduled on Thursday the 29th. The conference wasn't covering travel expenses, so I booked my own tickets in early January to get a decent price.

Last week while I was searching for places to stay in San Diego, Stoyan told me that the conference had been cancelled, however I'd received no notice from the organisers. I checked my email, my spam folder, trash can, but could find no notice from them, so I emailed them asking what the status was. They then responded saying that the conference had been cancelled and they were sorry that I wasn't informed.

The conference website has also not been updated, so anyone visiting would think that it's still on.

So I tried to get my ticket cancelled, but American Airlines tells me that the cancellation charges are more than the value of the ticket, so it makes no sense for me to cancel them. I'm now at a loss for what to do. There's nothing for me to do in San Diego, but I've already paid for the tickets.

I don't know if these people make it a habit or not of doing this to their speakers, but I'd advise others to stay away from them. I've never had such an experience with a conference before.

Update: American Airlines called back this morning saying that they'll make an exception in this case.
Tags: broken, conference, one course source, open source, stay away
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