Philip (bluesmoon) wrote,

Opensource Bridge Conference

I'm submitting a talk to Open Source Bridge - June 17–19, 2009 - Portland, ORWell, who'd'a thunk it, but I'm posting again. This time to let you know of a conference that I just submitted a talk to. The Open Source Bridge conference in Portland. What makes it different from most conferences in this part of the world, is that it's volunteer run (OMG, it's not by O'Reilly!).

I've decided to submit an updated version of my 2004 Linux Bangalore talk Being a Geek. The conference follows and open submission process, so all submissions are visible as soon as they've been submitted, so go check mine out. I'll probably submit a few more developer oriented talks as well.

The deadline for submissions is March 31, as is the early registration price.
Tags: being a geek, geek, osb2009-0088
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