Philip (bluesmoon) wrote,

Summer in the valley

It's definitely summer time in Silicon Valley. Day time temperatures are up at around 30°C and nights are pleasant enough to walk around without a jacket. This is no where near as hot as Bombay's summer that, while I'm used to, I really cannot handle. Summer in the valley also means longer days, and lots of birds in the shrubbery outside my patio.

It's been a while since I updated this journal, and this time, it's on a far more pleasant note. I've been cooking a lot, and cycling a lot. A new pedestrian/cycle bridge across the 101 means that I now have another safe route to use when biking to the office. That's always welcome. The older route was longer and had far less shade, which made it a bad choice for summer cycling.

Last night some of my old college classmates dropped in. I decided to cook up something new to mark the occasion (a word that I always fail to spell correctly), and ended up with Sweet and Sour vegetables with pears. I think it came out well, and unless my friends were lying to avoid hurting my feelings, I think they liked it too. I've also tried a whole bunch of stir fry and Thai curry recipes to varying degrees of success, but I haven't posted any of those.

The heat out here also means finding ways to cool off. My apartment has a swimming pool, which I used for the first time today. It was wonderful. 35 minutes of uninterrupted swimming was good to cool me down, and probably good to build up muscles in the long term, but in the short term it means aching joints and burning eyes from the chlorine. Easily remedied though. I think I'll keep it up for a while.

Finally, a new website I've found. I was heading home on Caltrain from San Francisco last Wednesday night, and another guy on the train parked his bike on the same rack as mine. We started talking and realised that we might have common friends. He's also started his own company (a YCombinator funded startup) called I'm always interested in projects such as these because of my history with libyahoo2, ayttm and a few chat related hacks at Yahoo! in my attempts to build something like this. Let's hope they add in openid support soon.
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